What every business website should have?

Today, for every entity – from individuals to large scale organizations, websites serve a variety of purpose. And, there’s much more to a website than just product/service placement, content and photos. Talking to experienced web developers and designerswould be a good idea to learn about some basic dos and don’ts for starting a web page. Or you could just read us.

Whether making a brand new website or revamping an existing one, there are certain essentials every good business websites must have. Let’s read what do some of the most popular business websites have, getting them success and business.

Website Functionality


Incorporating a search, especially a smart search option creates an ease and accessibility for the users. Smart search allows the user to just type in a letter or two and all the words associated with those letters would be listed to choose from. It saves on the user’s time to type in the entire word.

The friendlier the site is, the more time user spends on the website.


One of the most important functions of good business websites is to create excellent user experience, which is ensured by careful user interface designing. If a user gets lost on your website, you lose him in return. Keeping straightforward, clean and smooth navigation without any distraction serves the purpose.


Not just users but even search engines need to easily be able to crawl your site and gain an understanding about it. When starting a web page, don’t forget to give this aspect a priority.

Important Menu Tabs

Having menu tabs helps your users to directly check their looked-for section of the website, instead of manually seeking it out. Out of all the important section, the most crucial ones are ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages.

Users wish to know who they will be interacting with, what’s their story and where are they located. Disclosing information about your business is necessary to create a sense of authenticity and genuineness in the minds of the users.

Go Mobile Responsiveness

The world is now going mobile, even with their search. Research shows that today, when people are browsing the net, they are doing it with intent. The transaction time has reduced because the users know what they want. So, all your website has to do is, be there for the user on all search platforms – mobile, desktop, tab etc.

Adapting to responsive designing is one of the mandatory and smart steps to take when you decide to make a business website.

Website Design

Relevant and consistent theme

Choosing a relevant theme for your website and then keeping it uniform throughout plays an important role in user experience. Users like to have an easy looking and flowing website without too many font styles and sizes confusing or distracting him.

Color scheme

You can stick to your brand colors. You can incorporate other color scheme as well; just ensure it’s not too many colors splashing. Keep it consistent following the theme.

Photos and Images

Giving a visual representation to your information always helps in user experience. Users like to see good quality product or service pictures about your business. If you do not have your own pictures, you can purchase some high quality ones from stock photo websites. As they say, pictures speak louder than words, and sometimes they speak better.


No matter how fancy it looks, avoid any kind of flash and jazzy animation. That’s definitely not what good business websites do. If your business website demands some quirky feel to it, probably you can go with some minimalistic ones, but avoid going over the top. This might affect your website loading speed, leading to increased bounce rate.

Before you go ahead with your final designs and layout to make a business website, read and check out what most
popular business websites have done right and wrong.