Mobile Application Development

e.Soft Technologies is a leading mobile application development company offering solutions for android & iOS devices. We offer high performance customized mobile apps to address the challenges and opportunities of your business. As your Enterprise Mobility Organizer, we help you to organize and realize your full mobile potential.
Since 2008 e.Soft has been developing native consumer and enterprise apps for mobile platforms including iOS & Android.
We design mobile applications that are polished, provide unmatched interface and a great user experience and yet deliver value.

E.Soft provides following services

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • React Native

The React Native

The React Native – a Javascript Framework developed by Facebook lets you create real mobile applications using ReactJS. This framework uses the same fundamental UI building blocks which are used by IOS and Android and then these blocks are set together using React and JavaScript.
We adhere to a quality assurance process which ensures that the products we build on React Native are upto the mark and bug free. Experts’ team at e.Soft Technologies manages the complete development of your React Native – UX/UI, system architecture, testing, deployment – from start to end – everything!
By partnering with e.Soft to develop React Native Applications, you partner with efficient technology, agile methodology and best design.