Retail Solutions

Your Customer Doesn’t Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care! – Damon Richards

The retail team at e.Soft, with its deep industry expertise, powerful analytics and factual understanding, identifies the solutions to your complex business pain-points with respect to your in-house operations, warehouse management, localization strategies and much more.

We partner with retailers to help them create competitive advantage, drive profit and mitigate risks.

Our retail consulting services includes-

Business Assessment

As a retail consulting firm, we study your business model, analyze your operations and financials; compare it against relevant benchmarks to come up with solutions.

Omni-Channel Strategy

We help organizations develop customized systems, processes and policies that help them become omni-channel without significantly disrupting their current business model. Our goal is to help you maintain a consistent brand image with ease, on all channels, while also promising increase in your revenues.

Multi-channel Strategy

Utilizing their profound industry experience, our retail strategy consultants recommend viable strategies and policies, achieving uniformity in user experience across various channels. This enhances your brand perception, delivery and consequently bottom line.

Supply Chains Solutions

With over 15 years of experience, we help businesses develop agile supply chain solutions, automated warehousing systems and insightful inventory management systems that help the businesses fulfill customer demands effortlessly.