Retail Consulting

Retail Consultants at e.Soft work together with you to identify pain-points, and come up with insightful and actionable solutions. We help firms develop omni-channel retail strategies & solutions, automated warehouse solutions, localization strategies and optimize their in-house operations to provide unmatched customer experience.

Our retail consulting services entail

Business Assessment

Experienced retail consultants at e.Soft help you identify unseen opportunities by conducting an unbiased and in-depth analysis of your business, and market dynamics. We study your business model, analyze your operations &financials; compare it against relevant benchmarks to come up with solutions that help you stay ahead of the curve.

With our business implementation services you are assured that the solutions are not just defined on paper but are actually implemented and ready to add value to your business.

Omni-channel Strategy

With multiple platforms and business channels emerging, one of the biggest challenges that businesses face is maintaining a consistent brand image on all channels. Our omni-channel strategy lets you do that with ease, while also promising increases in your revenues.

While many believe that becoming Omni-channel requires disruption of the current business models, we see Omni-channel as a natural progression for surviving in the era of the “ever-connected” consumer. We help organizations develop systems, processes and policies that help them become Omni-channel without significantly disrupting the business. Our Solutions are customized according to your business needs, target customer, competitive environment and organization structure.

Multi-channel Strategy

Businesses utilizing multiple sales channels find it exceedingly difficult to create consistent user experience for their customer across channels and in the end hurt their brand perception, brand delivery and bottom line.

Expert consultants at e.Soft work with the firm’s management and various stakeholders to understand what works. Utilizing their deep industry experience, our consultants recommend feasible & viable strategies and policies for various channels. Our strategies help break department silos and promote cross channel communication and cooperation, which in turn paves the way for the firm to become truly omni-channel.

Retail supply chain solutions

To meet needs of ever-demanding consumers, businesses need to have a “customer-first” approach. With over 15 years of experience, we help businesses develop agile supply chain solutions, automated warehousing systems and insightful inventory management systems that help them fulfil customer demands effortlessly.