• Smart city applications and solutions are proliferating to engage residents and visitors at different levels. It’s usually deployed on an App (iOS/Android) and uses a Geolocation system to spot tourist attractions, landmarks, and commercial

What it does -It is focused on

  • Easy intuitive city App that contains offers, services and touristic attractions
  • Interlaced with beacons via Bluetooth and/or geolocation


  • Back-office Web Server loads info that is also available at the App. App reads the info from same back-office. App is interface with customer. A back-office can be available for city partners.

Selling Points

  • Local commerce retail gets a tool to compete with the large malls and visibility city-wise. Small shop owners can load their offers on the portal and benefit from increased visibility, and offer special sales discount.
  • Smart Parking: cities can offer parking availability and reservation at selected locations
  • Targets: Cities, Villages, Malls