Application Maintenance Services

For businesses to flourish, IT needs to provide more – more ROI, more productivity and more uptime. With e.Soft’s Application maintenance services you get just that, and more.

Utilizing our proprietary “ARI (Assess-Reengineer-Improve)” application management framework, we don’t just guarantee better operations, but constantly work to improve application performance and add value to your business.


Our consultants work with you to understand the intricacies of your business as well as your IT landscape. Based on this data, your applications are ranked for criticality, risks, and business impact to generate an application portfolio matrix. Resource, time and priority allocations are then worked out, on the basis of this matrix, to ensure 24/7 continuity of high business impact applications.


Making use of the application portfolio matrix, critical, high-risk applications are identified as targets for our re-engineering phase. Various risks, potential threats and inherent business problems are rectified to increase automation and improve business processes.


A thorough testing of the new application, data migration efforts and user training are carried out before the final product is implemented. We then ensure continuous monitoring of processes to identify further improvement areas.