Legacy Application Modernization

IT is under pressure to do more with less and this cannot be accomplished through legacy applications. Legacy applications have, time and again, failed to evolve as per the ever-changing business dynamics. e.Soft’s application modernisation services help you unlock the true potential of your strategic legacy applications, mitigate risk, decrease spend and free strategic resources to add true value to your business.

With careful research and analysis, we have developed an Application Legacy Modernization stack that includes

Portfolio Assessment

A thorough assessment of your business’s value chain helps us identify the areas where your legacy applications might be failing you. With your inputs, our team then creates a business case and a roadmap for modernization of your legacy applications.

Application Replatforming

Moving your application to a modern, dependable and scalable platform comes next. While doing so, we pay attention to ensure that the core functionality isn’t compromised. All this, while reducing maintenance costs and resources significantly.

Application Re-engineering

While your legacy application might be burdensome for users and maintenance engineers, we understand it contains years of priceless knowledge and information. Our re-engineering services help companies retain this knowledge and maximize the value of their legacy systems by transforming such applications to latest technologies such as .NET, J2EE, UNIX and Linux. The end result is an easy to use, manageable application supporting all business logic and procedures.

Database Migration

With an experienced technology team, proprietary frameworks and extensive testing practices, we reduce redundant data and improve data quality to develop an improvised version of the legacy database. The goal is to provide businesses with real-time data access and consolidated data view for quicker business decisions.