Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing – Relevant, Analytical & Creative

PPC Online Advertising is about reaching your defined target audience when they are searching for you online for your product. It’s about communicating a crisp at the same enticing message, directing them to visit your website and completing the purchase cycle.

Our PPC online advertising team with half a decade’s experience follows a process of in-depth research, implementation, analysis and enhancement to help your business achieve its sales goals.

The Wonders of PPC

Strategic Approach

Choose the right form of paid ads which suits your business goals

Right Reach

Choose your relevant ad location as per your target audience

Flexible Budgeting

Choose your daily ad budgets as per your conversion goals

More viewership

Get more exposure being on the top of the search result

Social Engine Marketing Services

PPC – one of the most targeted website marketing tools helps you buy the top positions on search engines and partner websites for your business related keywords.

Being a PPC serving agency, we offer you a range of full suite paid advertising options to choose from that generate traffic to your website.

Text Ads

Text Ads are visible above and below the Google organic search results. It’s one of the simplest forms of an online ad offered by Adwords, giving out a snippet of your business information. It comprises of 3 sections – A headline, A Display URL and A Description Text.

Display Ads

Display ads are used to convey a message through various forms like text, images, videos, animations etc. These display ads are shown on a huge network of sites across the internet.

For instance, your ad might appear between paragraphs in a popular blog or placed in the right side of a newspaper article or at the bottom bar of a popular mobile application.

Remarketing Ads

In this form of paid advertising, Adwords enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited your website once (at least). It follows the visitor around the internet – from search engine to blogs to articles, just to convert him into a buyer.

These remarketing ads also known as the retargeting strategy, is an effective website marketing tool to increase your conversion and ROI.

Shopping Ads

If you’re a retailer, shopping ads are a great form of PPC online advertising which features one product with a high click through rate. They are visible above the Google search result including product images, prices and other information.