Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Be Found!

Our SEO digital marketing team undertakes a detailed research about your business, audience, industry and goals that allow us to design a completely customized internet marketing strategy for you.

The Successful SEO Journey!

Set Goals –> Complete Website Audit -> Competition Analysis -> Research on relevant keywords -> Mapping Optimization -> Implementation -> Monitor Traffic & Rankings -> Refine SEO Plan -> Content Creation -> Reporting & Refinement

Set Goals

Our SEO digital marketing consultants work with you to plan a seo online marketing strategy in consensus with your overall business goals.

Complete Website Audit

Analyzing competition behavior helps determine your USP and enables our seo digital marketing team to define your business fortes and weaknesses.

Competition Analysis

Our seo online marketing nerds conduct an in-depth breakdown of the popular search terms and how the customers are using them with a host of keyword tools.

Research on relevant keywords

After reviewing your website and with the help of an array of SEO tools, our website optimization experts identify the pain points and highlight the elements which are beneficial.

Mapping Optimization

This step involves the assigning of correct key phrases to the relevant pages on the website, ensuring your customers find you when using your business relevant phrases.


Our seo digital marketing squad applies on-page and off-page optimization to the website, keeping a track of all the changes in the process to measure the effective of the strategy.

Monitor Traffic & Rankings

We monitor the website’s performance and ranking via Google Analytics and Search Console. This helps us not just in learning about the website performance but helps us identify new opportunities or failures.

Content Creation

Our content team continuously creates original and engaging content in the form of blogs, social media posts, video content, infographic etc. which builds your brand and ranking.

Reporting & Refinement

One of our seo services includes helping our clients with weekly/monthly performance reports. From your analytics data to overall website health, our seo team works incessantly to make your site reach and maintain the top position in the search engines.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, our internet marketing team provides you with the right tools, analysis and experience required for your brand to get you on top.

Local Seo – Getting the basics in place.

Local search optimization | Google My Business | Localized Content Creation | Citation Setup & Optimization

Technical Seo – Foundation to measure the marketing success

Website Migrations | Schema markup | Image optimization | Backlink analysis

SEO Analytics – To evaluate and improve further

Google Analytics | Google Tag Manager | User Behavior Data | Reporting & Insights