Social Media Marketing Trends in 2019

In 2018, Social Media became an integral part of business strategies. Every company wants to leverage the power of Social Media to promote their brand. While more than 30% companies had spent more than 20% of their marketing budget in Social Media advertising, other companies too are following the footsteps and joining the bandwagon.

“Do you have a Facebook or Instagram page?” is what a customer asks today before making a purchase decision. In 2018, we have seen the upsurge of Live Videos, Instagram Stories, 280 Characters of Tweets, Increasing ads budgets etc. 2019 will surpass all of it. Some of the major trends in 2019 which a marketer needs to keep an eye on are-

Live Videos


Live Videos

Many companies today are incorporating live videos in their social media marketing plan, but many are still far away from it. With the booming smart phone and industry and technology innovations happening every day, it will become easier for brands to go live from their smartphones and maybe even computer or laptop. Along with this, the high speed internet availability in Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries will give an upper hand to brands for using live video as a marketing tool in their social media strategy.

Example: In India, after the launch of 4G, the number of Indian smartphone users is growing faster than any other country around the world. This growth is directly proportional to the number of Social Media users in the last couple of years. Therefore, many global social media companies are now entering India and expanding their locations.

Chat Bots


Chat Bots

We are all very well aware of the advance chatbot by Google, named “Google Assistant”. Sunder Pichai, the CEO of the Google himself had given a demo of automated calls made by Google Assistant to book the user’s day to day service. The time is not far when Facebook and Twitter will also adopt the same path, helping the marketer and brands to reach the customer from a single platform while reducing manpower requirement.

Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality

‘AR’ term was newly and widely used in 2016 with the advent of “Pokemon Go” game. In 2018 some of the Social Media platforms like Snapchat have started using AR in the form of one of their filters. Social Media Marketers should be not ignoring the importance of AR and integrate it in their future digital marketing strategy.

Premium Content


Premium Content

Content is the king, but premium content is well….Rajnikanth! YouTube has introduced “Premium YouTube Channel” in 2018. Soon other social media platforms will also introduce something similar. Marketers who are into the entertainment industry and managing established brands should up their content marketing game and be ready to make complete use of this opportunity.

Increased CPC


Increased CPC

From the last 6 months, social media marketers are talking about radical increase in their CPC rates, especially Facebook. There can be multiple aspects to this. Facebook has recently changed its algorithms which gives more value and visibility to user generated content, making organic reach even more difficult. Hence, brands are now spending more than 20% of their marketing budget (as mentioned in the beginning of the article) on ads in order to increase their reach, get leads and compete with other brands. With lesser ad space and comparatively more advertisers, the auction prices are going to get even more competitive in the coming days.

Today, technology and social media go hand-in-hand. It’s about designing an integrated marketing strategy to achieve the best user experience. So, in order to get the best out of all the digital platforms, you should either have an experienced and adaptive social media expert on board or outsource it to an agency.

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