Top Technology Trends Predicted in 2019!

Technology and software development is now progressing at such a rapid speed that your predictions for the next year might seem to be old stories then. With the advancements in app development software, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. businesses have started experiencing and learning better ways of using technology to their benefit.

It’s necessary to learn and stay updated with the latest technological trends so that you’re not left far behind your competitors. Not just present, you need to keep an eye on future predictions as well and foresee all the opportunities or road blocks and design a business strategy accordingly.

Let’s look at some of the most talked about and emerging technological trends that might change the game in 2019.


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence

Every organization knows the power of AI with the fact that it can change almost everything about the way they conduct their business – and it could contribute up to $ 15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. But what they aren’t aware of is how to deploy AI accurately in order to get maximum value out of it. If you are very serious about AI, formalize the approach throughout your organization to solve your well-defined business problems and scale up your enterprise.

AI has already become a part of our everyday lives with Alexa and Siri assisting us, and in 2019 it’s going to be even more useful and advanced. The day is not far when we will be using an AI assistant to plan our travel, arrange a calendar or even to order a pizza – as the AI algorithms learn to anticipate and understand human behavior better.

Internet of things


Internet of things

IOT (Internet of Things) is the future. This might sound unbelievable but the number of things connected to internet was more than the total number of people on earth in 2008. And by 2020, the number of things connected is expected to increase to 50 billion – going beyond ‘things’, making it ‘everything’ – Internet of Everything (IoE). From pre-heating our ovens on our way back home to tracking our fitness level on our Fitbits, IoE has helped us come a long way.

The IoE ecosystem is going to connect our physical and online world in ways beyond our imagination, making our society highly technology-driven. Businesses can make the most of it and enable better data security, efficiency and decision-making with the data collected and analyzed.

Cyber Security


Cyber Security

Just like technology, new threats are constantly evolving. Malicious hackers won’t stop and will continue to find unique ways to get through the toughest safety measures. There has been a reported 67% data loss and leakage, 61% data privacy threats and 53% breaches of confidentiality in the past year.

The above statistics point to the rising cyber security concern in every organization and they’re search for respective software developers. This opens up avenues for web development companies.

Virtual and Augmented Reality


Virtual and Augmented Reality

AR and VR is the next big thing of 2019. Virtual Reality is a technology which immerses a user in an ambiance whereas Augmented Reality enriches the environment. An example of Virtual Reality is the PlayStation (Games) whereas the popular Pokemon Go is a case of AR.

Both of these have a wide scope in various sectors like training, entertainment, education, marketing etc. From training doctors to conduct a surgery to enriching visitor experience in theme parks, Virtual and Augmented Reality can uplift the entire experience of doing and seeing things.

Progressive Web App


Progressive Web App

PWA’s are Web Applications that look and act like regular websites or web pages but can offer functionalities like push notifications, working offline and device hardware access usually available only to native mobile apps.

PWAs has been a software development trend since 2017 and 2019 looks even more welcoming as these applications are comparatively less difficult to develop and maintain than the traditional mobile apps. More and more companies are inclined towards PWA’s which is turning out to be successful. Pinterest’s PWA users spend 40% more time on this site compared to the previous mobile website, the ad revenue and engagement shot up by 44% and 60% respectively.


Final Words

With these technological trends and advancement predicted in 2019, the software developers and web application development industry has an ocean full of opportunities. Technology is only going to evolve with time, enabling businesses save time and resources. So now organizations have to just make it or break it.

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