7 Clever Tips to Enhance Your Shopify Marketing Strategy

A lot of eCommerce stores are turning their heads to Shopify for store development and management. Magento to shopify migration service has become a part of the trend and rightfully so. The real question is, what should you do once you create your own Shopify store.

Once your Shopify store is successfully set up, your next goal should be creating a plan to reach out to your audience with effective marketing strategies.

While there are many ideas out there about how you can shape your digital marketing strategy, it is best to focus your efforts on one market segment as this will yield better results.
This article focuses on 7 highly effective strategies to boost your online traffic and sales.

1. Limited-time offers

This is a popular strategy for a reason. By creating a strong sense of urgency, you are able to guide a consumer to make their purchase.

This strategy works well by creating a fear of missing out on a good deal. By introducing deadlines to your offers, you are able to drive consumers to your site.

However, consumers are catching on to this strategy so it is best to use this sparingly.

2. Email marketing

At the heart of every modern digital marketing services is email marketing. By reaching out directly, it is possible to create a dialogue between you and your customers.

Most of the email marketing strategies fail because they do not convey information properly, or they fail to grab the interest of your audience. Oftentimes, these emails are even marked as spam by their recipients. With concise content, you can become a welcome presence in the inbox of your customers.

3. Package your products

Another way of marketing your products is offering them in bundles. To create a successful product bundle, you must focus on choosing relevant products. Packaging complimentary products together, such as sporting equipment and health supplements, can increase your sales.

From the customer’s point of view, this is a great deal on multiple products that they need, and for you it means an increase in sales.

4. Use your blog to convince your customers

Most Shopify stores underutilize their platform and fail to create a blog. Website designing services often integrate website with blog space where you can maintain regular blog posts to keep your users engaged.

A blog is a hugely powerful tool that helps you generate interest with your customers. It is a platform where you can discuss your services at length, introduce new products, and generate interest in your existing catalogue.

Another important factor when considering a blog is the fact that having a blog will give you better traction in SEO ranking.

5. Influencer Marketing

By having the influencers put photos and videos endorsing your products, you can establish a trust factor with their audience that will translate into more customers for you. This is very much like the traditional concept of a brand ambassador.

However, the reason for its high success rate is due to the amount of views and amount of content an influencer can create. Traditionally a brand ambassador will create limited content. Now, influencers can post about your products more regularly.

This has a tremendous impact on your sales.
Give these techniques a try, and reach out to us at eSoft when you’re ready to take the next step forward with your business.

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