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By admin May 24, 2023

A Web-Mobile App Developed Specifically To Raise Environmental Awareness

Project Brief The client had a long-standing dream of implementing a model that inspires people to become more conscious about vehicular pollutants. He started off with a small campaign providing free vouchers to people who got PUC checks done on time. He saw a positive response and it only affirmed his intention. He resolutely worked… Continue reading A Web-Mobile App Developed Specifically To Raise Environmental Awareness

By admin May 24, 2023

Seamless Streaming Services with SugarBox Wi-Fi Network

Project Brief Our client aimed to provide mobile users with streaming services throughout the country without relying on their internet connection. Now, users across the country will be able to access streaming services seamlessly with the help of the extensive SugarBox Wi-Fi network. Be it busses, trains and malls to airports, railway stations and trains;… Continue reading Seamless Streaming Services with SugarBox Wi-Fi Network

By admin May 24, 2023


Project Brief We know how difficult it is to find an open spot for playing sports in cities dense with skyscraper buildings. Well, to simplify this, OpenSpot has the entire process from browsing the venues to booking and payment streamlined through a mobile app. This enables one to locate a playground, turf or other sports… Continue reading OpenSpot

By admin May 24, 2023

Warehouse Automation

Project Brief A US based mid-sized online merchant dealing with home and office equipments. Serving a modest customer base with high quality products and services they have built the business around the ideals of excellent customer service.

By admin May 24, 2023

VToken Mobile App

Project Brief The outbreak of Covid19 has really disturbed the nature in which business transactions are being conducted. And considering that we do not know how things will pan out in the near future, we urgently need an alternative to resume the business processes. One such alternative that we have developed is vToken mobile app.… Continue reading VToken Mobile App

By admin May 23, 2023

Hatchet Hardware

Project Brief Hatchet hardware is one of the leading online stores housing a vast range of essential hardware accessories. Their catalogue has only expanded in the last five years.

By admin December 8, 2022

Life and Home

Voicing an Online Store with a Dynamic, Well-Managed and Consistent Catalog Our client owns an online store with a tremendous catalog of nearly 30000 merchandise of essential home appliances. The ever-expanding catalog shows how the scope of this online shop is expanding gradually and persistently. Project Brief Our client owns an online store with a… Continue reading Life and Home

By admin December 8, 2022

Ontario Knife

Project Brief Ontario Knife Company is a leading knife, cutlery and tool manufacturer operating out of Upstate New York for over 125 years. Their enormous catalog has wide range of tools such as cutlery, kitchenware, fishing knives and science and medical tools as well. Ontario Knife Company has built its reputation on uncompromising craftsmanship, excellent… Continue reading Ontario Knife

By admin December 8, 2022

Brokers4 Homes

Project Brief The client runs a real estate consultancy firm. A well-planned and traditionally manual work process has helped him tremendously to set up a fine real estate consultancy firm. With rigour and planning, he has established the company as one of the most promising real estate firms today. Technology: PHP, Laravel Framework (6.0) HTML,… Continue reading Brokers4 Homes