Project Brief

The client had a long-standing dream of implementing a model that inspires people to become more conscious about vehicular pollutants. He started off with a small campaign providing free vouchers to people who got PUC checks done on time. He saw a positive response and it only affirmed his intention. He resolutely worked towards taking this project to a bigger scale.

Services: Web & Mobile App Development


Back End: PHP and My SQL, API in Java

Mobile: React Native

Faced Challenges

The client had a clear vision of raising awareness about the importance of getting vehicles checked regularly. A campaign is planned where people will have to take a pledge to protect the earth. The pledge will be traded with vouchers that can be used for various eco-friendly car services such as PUCs and steam car washes and so on. They can then redeem the coupons for numerous freebees in various malls, restaurants and cafes.

In order to streamline this entire process the client needed to create a common platform where users can register and take their pledges. The online platform must also allow the users to manage and redeem their freebees/coupons as they are a crucial part of their extensive campaign.


On deeply understanding the client’s requirement we elaborately planned the scope of the project. The project chiefly comprises 2 portals. They are:

  • Web based admin portal.
  • Customer facing hybrid mobile application

Web Based Admin Portal

The portal is designed and developed to effectively facilitate management of the administrational operations.

The dashboard helps create and manage pledge programs, scratch card activation and manage access of users based on roles and rights.

The admin has seamless access to redeemed voucher details and with additional filters he can narrow down his search on the basis of partner name or vouchers issued and redeemed.

Hybrid Mobile App

The Customer-facing app has several modules to ensure easy navigation and smooth operation.

1. OTP based Registration

The user is led through a safe OTP verified registration. Once the registration is completed, the user is taken to the main dashboard. The dashboard is designed to ensure easy access to the home screen, pledges, vouchers and profile screen.

2. Pledge Module

This screen helps users manage his pledges effectively. All our partners that promote pledge can be identified by a unique QR code. Accordingly the system is programmed to assign the correct value of the freebies and vouchers to the end customer

3. Secure Payment

We integrated CCAvenue payment gateway with the application. This enables the user with a wide range of payment options. He can opt for credit/debit card, net banking or BHIM UPI option as well.

4. Home Screen

The Home Screen gives a view of the user’s reward balance. It also showcases the active vouchers and available discounts.

5. Profile Screen

The user adds personal details such as phone number and address. This screen gives a comprehensive view of the user’s contribution to the ecosystem. With the help of dedicated counters the user can keep a track on the trees planted, litres of water saved and days of clean air.

Services Provided

  • Design Prototype
  • Backend Development
  • Front end Development
  • QA & Testing


We released the application after intense rounds of testing. The app shows remarkable operational potency against the robust implementation of the campaign across wide geographies. After the launch of the app, we witnessed a slow and persistent increase in the number of PUC checks and other essential car check services.

By breathing the client’s broad vision with technological expertise we have managed to bring his long-term dream to fruition.