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Microsoft Dynamics GP


AITCC is an eCommerce platform that provides extensive range of household products. With multiple warehouses and different online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Jet and their own online store, they have made a significant mark on the eCommerce industry.


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ERP Development


WEB Application


Microsoft Dynamics GP, ASP .Net, MS SQL


Our specially designed warehouse management tool resolved of all the inventory related complexities. Further, their online operation was enhanced with the help of automated ordering.

Right from managing their various warehouses to establishing a strong connection between their online store and various online market places, our GP services has modernized their eCommerce operation end-to-end.


There was a sudden surge in the order density that was getting processed day by day leaving behind a dense purchase data that needed to be processed regularly. Adding to the complexities, their huge catalog with 300k+ products demanded to be up to date in accordance to the market.

Due to the dense online traffic to their online store, they needed a highly automated ordering process as well. With the breadth of the company expanding, a highly sophisticated and automatized solution was called for.

Final outcome

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP has simplified the business process of the online store immensely. Their product catalog of 300k+ products is effectively organized and the product pricing is now regularly updated as per the market competition. Most importantly, their online store operation has become immensely smooth with the addition of automated ordering feature. These essential features that we have added, has created a cohesive connection between its multiple warehouses, their online store, various online market places and physical stores, laying down a strong foundation for upsizing the potential of their retail business.

What features we added

We have scaled up the existing GP system to troubleshoot and enhance their business process. Moreover, we developed our own intelligent tool that organizes orders on the basis of days to deliver and cost.

Further, we have also developed our own warehouse management system integrated with essential tools such as bar code scanner, label printer and so on. Finally, a strong to and fro communication was established between GP and Magento by integrating them.

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