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By admin April 25, 2023

DevOps Best Practices:

Although DevOps services offer a practical means to speed up the software development process, there are a few best practices that must be adhered to for the best outcomes. At eSoft Technologies, we adhere to the following best practices:


The foundation of DevOps is automation. Business operations can improve efficiency and lower the risk of errors by automating the software distribution process. Utilizing platforms like Jenkins, Ansible, and Docker, eSoft Technologies assists our clients in automating their software delivery process.)

Continuous Integration and Delivery:

DevOps requires the use of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). Businesses may guarantee that software is delivered more quickly and to a higher standard by including CI/CD into the software development process. Our team at eSoft Technologies works with solutions like GitLab, Bitbucket, and CircleCI to assist businesses with integrating CI/CD.


A crucial component of software development is security. Through the use of products like Kubernetes, HashiCorp Vault, and Twistlock, eSoft Technologies assists companies with integrating security into their software development process. We make sure that our clients’ software is secure and complies with industry standards by adhering to best practices in security.

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