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Assessment and Strategy Planning

Our best DevOps strategy team helps to examine the current state of DevOps, IT infrastructure, and application lifecycle capabilities. We create plans for improving policies and procedures, implement better security mechanisms, and create a fully automated ecosystem. This further helps us to identify potential major obstacles and offer solutions.

Strategic Planning & Set up

Our efficient and well planned DevOps orchestration strategy makes this possible by combining business goals, toolchains, development and operation teams together with automated and streamlined IT processes with expert DevOps consultation.

Assessment and Strategy Planning

Continuous delivery is a development practice in which the changes made to the code by the team members are automatically built, tested and prepared for release. To support and accelerate the Continuous Delivery services, the experts at e.Soft Technologies have extensive experience with both open source and proprietary tools. The DevOps team at e.Soft Technologies will assist you in choosing the appropriate tools for your business and team. Continuous delivery allows businesses to meet the growing demand for new software-based solutions and services from customers. It allows businesses to meet rising customer demand for new software-based solutions and services, while reducing costs and speeding up the development process across the board.

  • Automation testing
  • Optimisation of performance
  • Recognising the risk factors

DevOps Continuous Integration

In DevOps Continuous Integration, the dedicated DevOps experts at e.Soft Technologies work by preventing delays in the development process by letting multiple developers access and work on the same project simultaneously. Every time a team member makes a change to version control, it runs automated builds and tests. This helps to avoid glitches by identifying and fixing bugs early in the development process and avoiding duplication of effort.

  • Technical planning
  • Avoid prevention
  • Up-to-date coding
  • Close collaboration

DevOps Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring is a development practice that gives a comprehensive and updated view of product, letting you discover threats before it impacts the end-users. The continuous monitoring tools at e.Soft Technologies help organisations to learn how changes or updates affect users by capturing, categorising, and then analysing data and logs created by applications and infrastructure. This provides insight into the root causes of problems or unforeseen changes. As services must be available 24*7 and when application and infrastructure updates become more frequent, active monitoring becomes more relevant.

  • Immediate insights
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Tracking functionality

DevOps Continuous Planning

In DevOps Continuous Planning, the dedicated DevOps consultants at e.Soft Technologies build a DevOps assessment roadmap by identifying the existing skills, system requirements and expected outcomes. Our team is well-versed with the best DevOps software tools and framework to provide you with a seamless DevOps automation.

  • Setting goals
  • Creating roadmap
  • Identifying roadblocks
  • Integrating security mechanism
  • Suggest solutions

AWS CI Workflow

We combine DevOps practices with AWS services, for a more rapidly and reliably build and deliver products.

Devops Services in India

Azure CI Workflow

Collaborate on software development through source control, work tracking, and continuous integration and delivery using both Cloud and On-premise implementation of Azure DevOps Services.

DevOps Strategic Planning & Set up services

Why Choose DevOps?

Quick Delivery

Automation, continuous delivery, and continuous feedback cycle are the main principles of DevOps, further making software development faster and more efficient. By encouraging a collaborative culture, it is possible to receive rapid and constant feedback, allowing any bugs to be fixed quickly and releases to be completed promptly.

Early Detection of Bugs and Glitches

The code is continuously monitored and tested, which helps to improve the overall build quality. Teams are given the option to express their feedback with one another, allowing for early detection and resolution of defects.

Increases Team Collaboration

It is important for the development and operations team to cooperate and communicate in a dynamic environment. It paves the way for increased business agility by fostering a culture of mutual collaboration, communication, and integration among a company’s internal teams.

Increases customer satisfaction

DevOps help organisations to improve their deployment frequency and lower failure rates. Automation of the delivery pipeline ensures the reliability and stability of an application. Organisations benefit from increased customer satisfaction when applications perform flawlessly.

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