Four Ways Machine Learning is Redefining the Smartphone Experience

Today mobile apps have become more intuitive and your smartphone knows you better than yourself. It knows what you like, dislike, as well as your favorite restaurants, malls, movies and music. Your smart phone, believe it or not, might even know your habits.

The use of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the fabric of our interactions with smartphones. They are some of the most sophisticated technological developments we have witnessed in recent history, and their influence has shaped the course of mobile app development services.

Through this article, we will explore how ML has shaped the evolution of smartphones.

1. Forecasting Trends

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, smartphones are now capable of forecasting weather accurately. They have enhanced the predictive capabilities of this service dramatically. Today, your phone can recognize faces on your photographs just as well as the person sitting next to you.

The analytical systems of smartphones have evolved with the help of ML technology. Machine learning algorithms are responsible for refining your search experience on smartphones.

2. Improved Security

Your phones have facial and fingerprint sensors that are powered with AI functions and control crucial security functions in your apps.

This includes the recognition of images, the approximation of shipping costs, the automation of product labelling, extensive portfolio management, optimization of logistics, and commercial intelligence.

3. Predicting Human behavior

ML analyses the ocean of user data and seeks to understand the user’s purchase patterns in the application.

Machine learning software development has made online stores highly sophisticated. Today, online retailers can assess user purchasing patterns and search history, and then target consumers accordingly. Apps are now able to successfully offer recommendations that lead to increased sales.

These recommendations are refined further on the criteria of age, gender, location, and search requests. With these factors, the overall customer experience is improved which ultimately leads to a boost in your sales.

4. Advanced Search

The overall app experience is enhanced with the optimization of search features that deliver clear and relevant results. The search function is refined with contextual and intuitive response by the engine. With this help consumers can stay connected and interested in your application for longer periods of time.

By implementing a thoroughly cognitive approach, the apps can now group articles, documents, FAQs, and videos to deliver precise answers to searches.

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