How can you make the best of this global lockdown to scale up your business?

Covid19 is the biggest crisis that our generation is facing. It has had an unprecedented effect not only on human health but also on global economy. Big businesses have suffered terribly and start-up companies have been paralysed. In the midst of all this, we are left wondering if there is a way to turn this maddening crisis into something more meaningful.

Of course you can! This is where eSoft comes into picture. In these tough times, we have made our services available. This is because, at eSoft, we believe that this is the right time to invest in the developing your business model.

This lockdown is immensely crucial in the fight against the pandemic. We must be mindful about how we spend the time we have and develop our business. Following are the ways eSoft has been helping businesses to expand even during this global lockdown.

Expand Your Market

In this global lockdown, your services are completely stalled. Hence, you must make sure you use this time and resources in expanding your market reach. We are fuelling businesses with interesting market strategies to broaden their reach and become much more relevant and form a larger customer base.

This will prove to be highly beneficial in the longer run because as the lockdown is lifted you have already done the heavy lifting and possibly miles ahead than you were before.

Update Your Website

This is the time when you update your business with a seamless website or a user-friendly mobile app. It is a smart move to make, considering all the business operations are stopped, you can shift your focus and invest resources in enhancing your business services. This can be very much done by making it flexible and broadening its accessibility.

An updated website and a mobile app can do just that. eSoft has a pool of prolific technicians who are currently handling some businesses and helping them streamline their end-to-end operation by supporting it with a mobile app and an updated website.

Stay Connected With Your Customers

This is the most important thing that should be practiced by every business right now. With business being completely shut, there are high chances of your customers getting detached. In other words, you might lose hold on your customer base. Hence, you must take efforts to build a connection with them during this lockdown period.

Our team of Digital Marketers have crafted an interesting strategy to help some of the businesses stay relevant even during this period. With the help of some mighty interactive campaigns and excessing content marketing such as blogs and email flyers, these businesses are expanding their reach and creating a buzz in the market. This needs no mentioning that when the lockdown is lifted and world resumes to normalcy, they will be far ahead in the race than their counterparts.

This is a crucial time for growing businesses. Considering the economy crunch looming ahead, your business future depends completely on how you use this time scale up your business potential. The age old cliché “Use your time wisely” never made more sense before!

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