How Mobility Solutions Are Changing the Dynamics of Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

Undoubtedly – The cargo, freight and logistics industry has always been and is still mobile. People, products and packages are everywhere – on the sea, in the air and on the road – moving or commuting from a specific source to a specific destination.The advent of mobile solution has created an impact on a large extent, with respect to how an organization determines the flow of required information not only to internal stakeholders but also to external ones.

The business-to-employee (B2E) models have existed from some time and helped in improving not just employee productivity but also increased efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction for the organization in entirety.

It is now imperative for organizations to invest in technology for its future growth, ensuring the business stays ahead of its competition and is able to service the ever-rolling customer needs.

Growing business dynamics, complex distribution channels, competition and ever changing consumer demands – all of this combined together continues to push the logistics and the supply chain industry to invest in technology: mobility solutions.

Organizations who have invested in mobility solutions have been able to simplify their delivery timelines and maintain schedules while gaining effective control over real-time data collection. Using mobile technology solutions, organizations have been able to reduce operating costs. In some cases they have prominently managed to reduce the cost of business operations, increasing their revenues/profitability and improved their trust worthiness- since now it’s highly about delighting your customer.

Understand the supply chain management system based on Mobile devices

Mobile based supply chain systems are customer-centric platform models that captures and maximizes real time performance from multiple sources within their supply chain.

The mobile based asset tracking now provides an easy to use solution that facilitates demand stimulation, inventory efficiency and improves asset management for greater optimized performance.

Why choose Mobile App Development for the Supply Chain?

The mobile app development for supply chain and logistics integrates mobile fleet’s solutions to track goods in real time and reduce dependency on middle men or multiple contact points.

The key benefit is to accelerate processes by optimizing the inventory management system and reaching the doors of customers quickly. So a true B2E2B2C model empowering your employees is empowering your business and customers.

Companies can capitalize on better visibility of the supply chain, reduced delivery time, mitigating and minimizing losses due to non-visibility / clerical errors and optimizing transport networks thus, reducing both effort and cost.

There are case studies where mobility solutions for logistics and supply chain have been able to reduce supply chain cost up to as much as 50%, resulting in a revenue growth of 10%. The reason why mobility solutions offer such benefits is that it remains dynamic and can be scaled easily.

Real-time data is continuously sent to dynamic optimization engines that are the heart of supply chain management which assist in not only creating optimal routes, but also provides senders with real-time information about vehicles and driver performance.

Advantages of Mobility Solutions in Supply Chain Management

  • By using mobile applications for the supply chain process, organizations are able to collate data and convert this data into business intelligence; this helps the top management to take informed business decision that eventually adds to profitability.
  • Mobility solutions around supply chain identify and eliminate deficient customer service incidents.
  • Mobility solution empowers employees working at warehouses, stores, transportation hubs, truckers, shippers etc. and the organization benefits by getting granular information on instantaneous basis.
  • Mobile Solutions enable organizations to predict product trends / demand – supply ensuring they are prepared for seasonal peaks especially in case of Omni-channel retailers. The other benefit is to keep inventory costs down and increase inventory turns.
  • Supply Chain Mobile Solutions provide a level playing field to even small businesses as SME’s and e/m commerce companies have easy access to technology.
  • Strengthens supply chain communication. In the recent past, truck drivers were the only point of contact and the loss of communication would cause confusion and revenue losses. Today, with IOT and Mobile solutions available to us, the whole supply chain is connected all the time.
  • You can help customers with data/information – ‘NOW’ and ‘RIGHT AWAY’.

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