Introduction to eSoft’s Data Entry Services

Data Entry plays a crucial role in ecommerce industry. In today’s competitive world, what really stands out is very accurate and concise details about your products and services. Updating accurate and relevant information keeps you ahead of competition. If your business lacks the depth a good content can offer, your business will suffer due to it naturally. Hence, you need expertise and knowledge to create your ecommerce store content and an expert data entry team to handle this task.

Here at eSoft, we offer the best and customized data entry solution to our clients. With over 17 years of experience and being a strong solution based technology, we offer the best of both– an experienced team + modern technology.

Our services

  • Obtaining product details from vendors /manufacturers for content building
  • Writing/ updating accurate & attractive product description to help buyers make a decision
  • Highlighting important aspects of your product
  • Product uploading
  • Image & graphic support
  • Price update by using competitive pricing tool
  • Quality check and audit of the information updated on the website
  • Catalog conversion service such as SEO friendly content, appropriate meta tags, keywords, proper format for title of product pages
  • Catalog indexing services which includes relevant search of products, its related product such as cross-sell, up-sell, etc
  • Categorization of product in relevant category or sub categories
  • Use automated data entry technology
  • 24/7 support service for any urgent requirement

Way to improve data entry process

Reduce unwanted data : Data entry can be a mighty time consuming task. Make sure you are working on relevant data which is helpful to describe your product. Unwanted data will not just affect your credibility but confuse the customer as well.

Data Profiling : Data Profiling is basically the process of data analysing on the basis of its completeness, correctness, uniqueness and consistency. This is the process where we can detect lots of errors. This is a must-do activity when you are dealing with data entry, to make sure a highly accurate data. The data should be concise and say exactly what the product is about. This process helps rectifying and making sure the content is right to the point.

Don’t assume it all works! Put yourselves in your customer’s shoes and do everything they will do

— Gary Gerbenlian

Standardized data entry process : The content format, color scheme, pricing strategy, image upload pattern should be a standardized process. Every resource should be well trained on this task for accurate and consistent result.

Data Auditing : Even though you have a standardized process, make sure your data is audited in timely manner. There should be a tool through which the wrong data should be captured, then notifying the team to rectify the error. This process will bring accuracy in your task which is very important for giving the correct product information to end user.

Automation Mode : The best way to update data is by using automation tools. It makes work easy and relevant. It also reduces your errors, for instance, the tool will automatically correct the repetitive words, spelling mistake, incorrect sentence formation and many such issue which can’t be spotted through manual updates. It also save your time and gives you the best results.


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