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Thursday, Sept 24th, 2020
11 am EST
75 Minutes

e.Soft Technologies Pvt Ltd


Webinar Panel Discussion on Changing Dynamics of Retail Industry During the Pandemic

Panelist of Webinar

Angelo Grasso

President – Hatchet Hardware

Angelo is a serial entrepreneur from NY with nearly 25 years of experience in the retail industry. He is the President of Hatchet Hardware. He has been instrumental in making this omni-channel retail outfit a household name in the US. His holistic understanding of the industry has helped Hatchet Hardware attain tremendous business growth in all retail formats.

Hemant Shah

Co-founder – Chatnisoft and Alcraftist

Hemant comes with great experience in business development. Experimenting with his creativity, he has also created a unique jewellery brand. He is one of the founders of Chatnisoft, the company that has launched the portal AssureDo. Highly focussed and a long-term strategic thinker, he specializes in overall business development with thorough marketing and operational strategies.

Vineet Mathur

Executive Director – Infinity Group

Vineet has nearly 35 years of experience in business development of some of the most renowned brands in Middle East and Africa. He is the Executive Director of Infinity Group Nigeria & Ghana (Al Dobowi Group). His area of specialization is new market development for industrial consumer durables and automobiles especially in Western Africa.

Vikram Jhanji

Director – VKARE Retail Ventures Pvt Ltd

Vikram is the Director at VKARE Retail Ventures Pvt Ltd. He comes with 20 years of experience in handling the business operations of some of the big businesses in the market. His expertise in creating strategies and enhancing business volumes drives VKARE Retail Ventures forward.

What you’ll learn

Get insights into the changing dynamics of the eCommerce industry.
Get a new perspective of The New Normal eCommerce Industry
Learn from the experience of the experts as they share their stories of struggles they faced during the pandemic.
You will understand how to cope up with the challenges that are faced in the industry today.

The pandemic has forced retailers today to seek an alternative medium to conduct their businesses. As the entire retail industry is gradually moving towards The New Normal, traditional retailers are now seeking online commerce as the only way to adapt to the changes that lie ahead.

We have some highly experienced retailers on-board to discuss the challenges they faced during these trying times. They will also talk about how they managed to handle this situation and discover new opportunities amid these adversities. If you are an entrepreneur who is seeking fresh perspective on how to deal with the changing dynamics of the industry, then this Webinar will give you deep insights on how to drive your business forward.