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By admin January 19, 2024

3 Free Plagiarism Checker to Use in 2024

In a world inundated with a relentless stream of papers, articles, and scholarly content, the necessity of ensuring the originality and authenticity of written work has never been more critical. With millions of documents already in existence and countless more being published each day, the manual scrutiny of every submission for potential plagiarism has become an impractical and daunting task. Thankfully, the advent of technology has brought forth a valuable ally in the form of sophisticated plagiarism checker tools. These tools have not only streamlined the process of content validation but have also significantly lightened the burden for publishers, writers, editors, students, teachers, and many others. So, if you’re looking for the best free plagiarism checkers online, this article is for you. 

Read on further to explore three free plagiarism checkers that have proven to be indispensable solutions to cope with the duplication issues in written content. So, without any delay, let’s get right into it! 


1. Plagiarismchecker.ai –

Plagiarismchecker.ai stands out not only for its ability to detect plagiarism but also for its proficiency in identifying AI-generated content. This tool proves invaluable to a diverse audience, allowing users to either upload files or simply copy and paste content for a comprehensive check.


How to Use Plagiarismchecker.ai?

The process is simple and user-friendly:

  • You can upload files or copy and paste content directly into the platform.
  • It scans the content by using advanced algorithms to identify plagiarism or AI-generated text as per your command.
  • Results are presented visually, with plagiarized content highlighted in red and unique text in green. 
  • The tool not only points out the plagiarized content but also provides links to the original sources. 



Plagiarismchecker.ai offers an attractive pricing model to students and writers on a budget:

Basic Version:
  • Free to use with essential plagiarism detection capabilities.


Premium Version:
  • Priced at a modest $5. 


Professional Package:
  • Checks 100,000 words at a remarkably affordable rate of just $10.



2. Paraphrasingtool.ai’s Plagiarism Checker –

Among the plethora of writing and editing tools offered by Paraphrasingtool.ai, its plagiarism checker stands out as a crowd favorite. Tailored with students and writers in mind, this AI-powered plagiarism checker combines high-end technology with a visually appealing interface.


How to Use Paraphrasingtool.ai’s Plagiarism Checker?


  • Visit Paraphrasingtool.ai and open the Plagiarism Checker from the menu bar.
  • Paste or type the text you want to check for plagiarism in the text box provided. Select “Plagiarism Check” or “AI Content Detection” as you prefer.
  • This tool quickly produces results that show the ratio of original to plagiarized content.
  • You can also take advantage of features like source tracking, instant rephrasing, citation assistance, and downloadable plagiarism reports.


Pricing –


Free Version:
  • Paraphrasingtool.ai offers a free version that checks 1000 words in a single attempt without any cost.


Premium Version:
  • This plagiarism checker is the part of premium “All in one bundle” plan that costs you $20 per month. 


3. Plagium –

Plagium stands as a robust plagiarism checker tool that is known for its simplicity and effectiveness akin to its premium counterparts. Much like Turnitin, this user-friendly platform allows you to detect plagiarized content not only in textual form but also within URLs. 


How to Use Plagium?


  • Visit the Plagium website to begin the plagiarism-checking process.
  • Utilize the straightforward text box on the website to input up to 1,000 characters of the text you wish to analyze.
  • Choose between Quick Search and Deep Search based on the level of analysis required.
  • Examine the links to matched documents provided by the software. The platform highlights areas where duplicate content is detected, offering insights into potential plagiarism.




Free Usage:
  • Plagium operates as a free online plagiarism checker with standard features available without any cost.


Paid Plans:
  • Plagium also offers paid plans that bill you based on the number of pages searched. Its pricing starts from $0.04 / page with a quick search feature. 



After conducting a thorough assessment based on free usage, we can say that Plagiarismchecker.ai and Paraphrasingtool.ai are top choices. These two tools exhibited exceptional accuracy by correctly identifying content that was 100% plagiarized. They outperformed other free plagiarism checker tools available on the internet. 

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