Extensive Web Portal for Systematizing Healthcare Procurement & Catalog Management

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Project Brief

The client wanted to bridge the gap between hospitals and suppliers. He planned to achieve this by building a one stop shop that streamlines the health care procurement solution.
Services: Web App Development
Technology: PHP & MySQL

Faced Challenges

The client was looking for a highly integrated cloud solution to automate manual processes in the healthcare industry. He specifically wanted to develop a web portal that streamlines stock management and procurement for a diverse range of operations in healthcare sectors.

Services Provided

Design Prototype

Backend Development

Front end Development

QA & Testing

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We studied the scope of the project and laid out a comprehensive plan to develop this project. We listed down three key sections of the web app that will encompass all of the client’s requirements.

1. proQURE Administration Management

User Management – This is the gateway to the application. The users will establish their login credentials. Once this is done, the user will then be able to navigate the system. It also enables the assigned users to approve the registration of medical suppliers and hospitals. Two dedicated user management portals are created – one for proQURE Admin and Medical/Hospital Management.

Master Configuration – With master configuration, you can create master settings which would be used in various systems such as country and city

Extensive Catalog management – The user can create and manage catalog extensively from the supplier feed or it can be built from scratch manually. The user can link multiple supplier items to a single product. This allows proQURE to manage information about items from different suppliers.

Streamlined Administrational Operations– The administrable tasks, right from payment terms and claim approval to accessing detailed reports, are seamlessly streamlined.

2. Medical Practice/Hospital Management

Catalog Management for Medical Practice / Hospital Management – This allows the user to maintain a well-detailed catalog with names, elaborated descriptions, price and expiry dates and so on. This catalog can be mapped with the proQURE catalog.

Extensive Purchase Orders & Stock Management – This feature is designed for the Medical Practice section. It gives a comprehensive overview of the purchase orders generated through the website. Along with it, the feature also allows the user to monitor the order status. Additionally, if the user wishes to return or cancel an order, he can do so by simply generating a return request by clicking on the Supplier Purchase Order Invoice.

3. Complete Supplier Management

This module is created to allow proQURE set up suppliers and configure communication channels.

Communication Channel for PO Transfer/Inventory/Invoices - In order to establish a communication channel, the supplier must provide the details of the channel they support.

Purchase Order Transfer cut-off time – The Supplier will determine the order transfer cut-off time. Accordingly, proQURE will transmit the purchase Orders in the provided cut-off time.


The web portal helped the client to streamline the essential health care processes such as procurement and stock management. Once the system was installed, the assigned team was trained so that the features are implemented thoroughly.

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