Project Brief

Hatchet hardware is one of the leading online stores housing a vast range of essential hardware accessories. Their catalogue has only expanded in the last five years.

Faced Challenges

As their online store gradually expanded and the order rate began to increase, they faced many complexities in monitoring and managing crucial sales data. The growing scale of the business called for a much more sophisticated point of sale solution.


Our team of app developers created an iOS-based application with iPad compatibility. Using a wide range of technologies such as iOS, MongoDB and Python, we developed a high-end mobile app that streamlined the complete point-of-sales process.

Project Approach

This comprehensive set of features simplified their back-end process. And the increasing volume of orders does not intimidate them any longer. Also the mobile app helps them keep track of all the essential tasks with great ease. The comprehensive record of daily sales helps them in monitoring their business with great insights.

Services Provided

  • Design Prototype
  • Backend Development
  • Front end Development
  • QA & Testing

Key Benefits:

Following are the features we developed:

  • Product search with Barcode Scan Compatibility
  • Downloading masters to a local drive for offline access.
  • Flexible order search by card name, order number and customer details.
  • Easy management of exchange and refund of items.
  • Get a complete overview of customer details, order history and loyalty points with just a click.
  • Seamless integration with barcode scanners.
  • For store pickup orders, we added a feature that displays web orders along with their pickup status.
  • Daily sales figures are comprehensively recorded.