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Ontario Knife Company


Ontario Knife Company is a leading knife, cutlery and tool manufacturer operating out of Upstate New York for over 125 years. Ontario Knife Company has built its reputation on uncompromising craftsmanship, excellent quality components, and a complete commitment to its workforce.

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eCommerce Migration






Security issues: Their online store faced security issues in Magento. Their enormous transaction data and credit card details demanded a higher level of security standard.
Lack of support for magento 1.9 x: Their business growth was stunted due to limitations of Magento.
Integration with IQMS: Their business operation was not seamless and therefore their online store required a strong integration with IQMS to make their end-to-end process agile.

With these complexities, they were not able to utilize their resources to their maximum potential. This is where e.Soft provided the helping hand and scaled up their process with our expertise.


Our team of professionals started the work by realizing the scope of the project and plan out the entire migration process. After, we prepared the migration data, mapped it and ran through a migration test to verify the results. All the data from the legacy store right from customer info, product info, and content pages to tax rules, we made sure the store was thoroughly migrated to Shopify. Further, effective IQMS integration was facilitated. We validated all the data and functionality successfully before we rolled out the store. The needed workflows were successfully translated using Shopify functionality.

Final outcome

The successful migration of the online store from Magento to Shopify revolutionized their online functionality completely. The new theme and intuitive settings boosted their online sales tremendously. They saw an astonishing rise of sales by 23% within the first 4 months of launch. Additionally, the newly added security features made it easier to involve the customers into buying their products.

What features we added

PCI level 1 compliant Security: We scaled up the security for credit cards data processing with the highest security standard.
IQMS Integration: We created an integration layer for IQMS system to facilitate data transfer to downstream or other external systems. Revamped the Theme: A highly sophisticated design was used to modify the entire look of the website. Further, we interlaced it with intuitive settings and delivered a highly personal and seamless user experience.
Highly Secure Payment Gateways: We introduced some of the most secure payment gateways like bitcoin and iDEAL and ensured utmost security of sensitive payment details.

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