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Round-the-Clock Catalog Management Services for an emerging eCommerce Store


Our client owns one of Qatar’s most promising online marketplaces.
It houses a huge catalog of products that range from flowers, gifts, stationary to kitchen accessories, health products and essential Covid supplies. Their ever expanding inventory highlights their ambition to take their online store to another level.

  • Services:
  • Catalog Management
  • Type:
  • eCommerce

Faced Challenges

As the online store was persistently growing, the task of extensive catalog management became quite difficult considering their limited resources. As the scope of their business was gradually expanding, their website demanded a much more refined catalog management process.


Catalogue management involves two key factors: quality and quantity. In order to manage their intimidatingly huge catalogue of over 500k SKUs, we devised quality checks at regular intervals of the process to ensure correct product details are uploaded.Along with it, we keep a regular tab on the product quantities to timely disable the products when the inventory runs out of them.Our team intensely researched the product taxonomy developed by the competitors. Based on this, we established a seamless and consistent catalog maintaining thorough categorization and sub-categorization.

Revamped Catalog:

We modernised their catalog by embedding high resolution zoomable images giving the visitors complete view of the products. Furthermore, we spaced out the content across the product pages for easy reading.

Product Data Management:

Our content developer created concisely accurate SEO compliant content that conveyed USPs of the product. This was done carefully to influence purchase decision as well as maintain thorough consistency of the catalog.

Consistent Catalog Data:

We ensured constant updates to match up with the changes in the market. Be it product prices or features, our team made sure that the catalog was consistently relevant and showed accurate details.

Services Provided

  • Design Prototype
  • Backend Development
  • Front end Development
  • QA & Testing


We organized and maintained nearly 500k SKUs on their website. Right from keyword-rich product descriptions and consistent product pricing to high resolution images, our round-the-clock services helped client provide a fine online shopping experience. Gradually, the online store saw a sharp increase in online traffic, repeat customers and sales figures.