How Chatbots Can Be Used for Lead Generation?

All businesses are aware of the importance of healthy lead generation. If effective methods are not put in place then the flow of new potential customers will gradually dry up. The domino effect will impact your earning potential, cash flow, and of course the overall health of your business.

The addition of a Chatbot to your eCommerce website can do wonders to bolster your lead generation without disturbing your current outreach efforts.

But how do chatbots help a business to generate new customers?

1. They Help You Know Your Business

Selling your products to your customers can be a difficult proposition if you are not in tune with their needs and interests. Chatbots make this job easier for you, and act as an extension of your back office support services.

A chatbot helps you identify the interests, likes, and dislikes of consumers. This can be hugely beneficial for enhancing lead engagement.
With the help of a Chatbot you can conduct surveys, ask questions, and engage directly with a visitor. Through this mechanism you can now gather crucial data of your customers that can help you get deeper insights into what they really want.

Likewise, eCommerce stores also implement Chatbots to improve their direct sales. For instance, if the bot asks a user about their interests and the consumer responds, they can be directed to the pertinent sections of your webpage.

2. Segmenting your audience

One of the key benefits that Chatbots can bring to your eCommerce store is segmenting your audience effectively. This helps you further refine your lead generation strategy.

Chatbots can segment the audience on the basis of the data they provided. This segmentation can be done on grounds such as demographics, interests, age, gender, or any other parameter you choose.

If implemented effectively, this can also help you nurture leads and increase your sales. Chatbots can even help you solve customer problems in a much more effective manner. For example, if a customer belongs to a particular category, the bot can provide solutions that are apt for that section.

3. Integrate Chatbot with your Customer Relation Management (CRM) software

In order to further refine the overall shopping experience you can integrate your Chatbot with your CRM. This can help the Chatbot to identify your customer’s journey through the store.

When a new customer moves one step forward in the buying process, this information will be sent to your CRM. This helps you not only with well-organized lead data but also makes your lead management more efficient for your sales staff.

Through strong integration of Chatbot with your chosen CRM, you can provide a thoroughly refined customer experience. Your sales team will be able to reach out directly to visitors and track their behavior more easily. You can also have your sales bot suggest the products that your visitors want to see.

These new integrations make for a better shopping experience, and along with lead generation, you can also improve your customer retention.

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