How will Android 11 Impact the Functionality of Mobile Apps?

Every Android update brings along with it some impressive changes that impact the behaviour of apps. In this article, we will be looking at some of the key Android 11 features that will alter the way mobile apps operate.

1. Restricted Permission Dialogs

This is one of the most significant updates. Android 11 discourages repeated requests for a single permission. If your app users select ‘Deny’ twice for a specific permission, the app will automatically consider it as ‘Don’t Ask Again’.

This means that now mobile application development must take this into account. Also, app owners must clearly convey the reasons behind these permissions in their marketing methods or via MVP features.

2. App Stats will Be Kept Private

This step by Android 11 is aimed at increasing the protection of user data. Android 11 facilitates storage of the users’ app usage statistics using credential encrypted storage.

This prevents access of the data by the app or any system unless it’s decoded.

3. Lowered data redundancy

Some mobile apps demand media playback or machine learning. These apps make use of large datasets on another application. This meant in the earlier versions of Android you had to download a separate copy of the dataset for both purposes.

In order to reduce the redundancy, Android 11 allows caching of large datasets on devices with the assistance of shared data blobs.

4. Expediting incremental APK installation

Installation of large APKs on devices is extremely time consuming. Google has introduced Incremental APK installation in Android 11. This process will help accelerate the process by installing enough of the APK that is required for launching the app, with the rest of the data streaming in background.

5. Extended support for neural network applications

Android 11 has provided an excellent platform for machine learning and neural network based applications to function.

By launching new Neural Networks API 1.3, Android 11 has taken steps to promote android app development with an emphasis on machine learning.

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