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Electronics Logs

Effective fleet management is essential for shipping businesses to keep ahead of their rivals in the fast-paced shipping sector of today. Proper Electronics Logs is a key component of fleet management. A web-based program called Electronics Logs from e.Soft was created in accordance with electronic record books and pertinent regulations and circulars to assist shipping businesses in efficiently managing their fleet operations.

Proper log keeping is crucial for transportation firms.

For shipping businesses to prove compliance to port authorities, avoid fines, and preserve a positive reputation in the sector, proper electronics logs is essential. Additionally, it aids in decreasing the possibility of accidents, enhancing fleet effectiveness, and encouraging data-driven decisions.

How Electronics Logs Aids in Effective Fleet Operation Management

All ships and land-based locations have Electronics Logs installed, a cloud-based live streaming program that enables ongoing fleet operations monitoring. The two web applications are in constant synchronization and exchange data back and forth. In order to offer information on the management of OWS, bilge waters, fuels, sludge, and incinerators, analytics modules are effective tools that correlate data. For efficient fleet management, this measurable KPI can be utilized to inform choices and track performance. Additionally, Electronics Logs provides intelligent tools for quickly retrieving onboard logbooks and analyzing potential noncompliance.

Possibilities of Electronics Logs

  • Two web applications that are constantly synchronized for data exchange
  • cloud-based live streaming for constant fleet operations;
  • analytics module for data correlation and obtaining measurable KPI;
  • smart functions for understanding potential lack of compliance;
  • Time-stamped and immutable data recording for easy retrieval and compliance demonstration.

Reasons to Manage Logs

Improvement of business operations through data-driven decisions,
Efficient fleet management,
Quick and simple access to logbooks, and
Proof of compliance with port authorities

Regulatory Conformity

In order to ensure compliance in the shipping sector, electronic record books and pertinent rules and circulars are essential. These recommendations were used to construct Electronics Logs, which was also done in accordance with the appropriate circulars and regulations. To achieve total regulatory compliance, e.Soft Electronics Logs offers customizable logbooks in accordance with certain legislation and circulars.

A Case Studies

e.Soft Electronics Logs has helped a number of shipping companies. For instance, after implementing Electronics Logs, Company X observed a 30% decrease in fuel usage and a 25% increase in fleet productivity. With the aid of Electronics Logs, Company Y was able to show compliance with the port authorities and avoid fines.
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With the aid of e.Soft Electronics Logs, shipping businesses may efficiently manage their fleet operations and prove compliance to regulatory agencies. Electronics Logs provides a complete solution for efficient fleet management with its cloud-based live streaming, two online applications, analytics module, and smart features. When you use e.Soft Electronics Logs, you'll benefit from better business operations, simple logbook retrieval, and regulatory compliance.