Crew Management Dashboard for
Shipping Industry

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The ship crew management software

Revamp your crew management with our all-inclusive dashboard designed for the shipping industry. Experience enhanced efficiency, compliance, and safety as you streamline crew, procurement, maintenance, expenses, safety, and inspections all in one centralized platform. Gain access to the following features with our eManager dashboard

Human Resources Department (HRD)

New Hires: Simplify the new hire process by effectively tracking and overseeing the on boarding of new crew members.

Crew Data:

Gain access to comprehensive and up-to-date information about crew members, including their qualifications, experience, and certifications..

Planning Deployment:

Efficiently plan and deploy crew members for various assignments and voyages..


Seamlessly manage payroll processes to ensure prompt and accurate payment for crew members


Monitor and manage vacancies to maintain optimal staffing levels for the crew.

Rest Hours:

Prioritize the well-being of crew members by tracking and managing their rest hours in compliance with regulations.


Manage travel arrangements and tickets for crew members with ease.


Conduct performance appraisals and continuously track the progress of crew members over time.


Our top priority is the well-being and welfare of our crew members. We make sure to provide them with the necessary support and assistance they need to thrive.


We take training seriously and strive to continuously enhance the skills and compliance of our crew members. Our organized schedule and tracking system allow us to effectively manage all training programs.



Keep your supply and equipment inventory fully stocked by easily submitting and tracking purchase requisitions.

Approval PO:

Ensure proper budget compliance by obtaining necessary approvals for all purchase orders before moving forward with procurement.

Orders Vendors:

streamline your procurement process by swiftly placing orders with our trusted vendors for essential supplies and equipment’s.


Take the hassle out of managing and paying for purchases with our efficient invoice management system.


Stay on top of your purchase activities and expenditures with our convenient dashboard, providing a quick summary for easy monitoring.

Planned Maintenance System (PMS)


The Dashboard provides a comprehensive glance at maintenance activities and key performance metrics.

Running Hour:

Keep track of machinery and equipment running hours to schedule maintenance tasks efficiently using our Running Hour tool.

Ship Master:

Effectively oversee and handle maintenance tasks at the ship level with the Ship Master tool.

Defect Report:

Quickly report and monitor defects with our Defect Report feature, ensuring timely resolutions..

Dry Docking:

Streamline your dry docking activities and effectively manage maintenance and inspections with our Dry Docking feature.

Spare Management:

Our Spare Management feature allows for efficient inventory control and procurement of spare parts to support maintenance activities.

Operating Expenses (Opex)


Take charge of your budget and effectively manage it by carefully setting and overseeing your operating expenses.

Opex Tracking:

Keep a close eye on your operating expenses and thoroughly assess them to ensure optimal cost control and productivity.


Create comprehensive and insightful reports on your operating expenses to aid in making strategic and informed decisions.

Safety, Quality, and Environmental Management (LPQE)SMS


To effectively ensure safety on-board, it is essential to actively access and adhere to the procedures outlined in the safety management system through SMS Procedures.


Keep a close eye on the validity of all certificates and compliance documents, as it is crucial to manage and maintain their accuracy.

Incident Report:

In the event of any incidents, it is crucial to promptly report and thoroughly investigate them to enhance safety measures.

Risk Assessment:

To proactively prevent potential hazards, conducting risk assessments is a critical step to identify and mitigate any risks.


The management and renewal of certificates of compliance (COC) is crucial in maintaining the required level of compliance.


To keep all crew members informed and updated, vital safety and compliance information is frequently communicated through circulars.

Position Report:

To uphold safety and compliance, regularly submitting position reports is imperative for all crew members.


Inspection Record:

Keep thorough records of all inspections conducted and their corresponding findings.


Stay on top of future inspections by utilizing our convenient tracking system to monitor their progress and schedule.