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About Odoo

Odoo is an end-to-end suite of business modules featuring customer relationship management (CRM), eCommerce, accounting, billing, inventory management, project management, warehouse management, financial management, manufacturing, purchasing, etc.

Odoo Learning Partner

e.Soft Technologies, as a Partner

We are an established IT firm with over two decades of experience serving leading global companies across verticals. With years of experience, we now serve as dedicated and trusted learning partners with Odoo. We bring the best business-oriented Odoo services with high-quality customization, implementation, licensing, and maintenance.

We specialize in delivering sharp Odoo platforms to bridge the gap between your operations and management, so you get a complete hold of your business.

What makes us unique:

  • Subject matter expertise
  • Years of diverse experience
  • Round-the-clock availability
  • Augmenting your potential
  • Finding best opportunities
  • Analyzing your requirements & developing solutions to meet them

Features & Advantages of Odoo ERP

Complete Integration

Odoo apps are fully integrated, allowing you to completely automate your business processes and reap maximum savings and benefits.

Highly Customizable

The structure of Odoo ERP is designed in a way that you can customize it according to the dynamic of your business. As your business grows and evolves, you can keep upgrading to the subset tools to make the ERP more apt for your business.


If you are an SME, Odoo can be your perfect cost-effective choice as you pay for what you use. Here, the pricing depends on the number of users, integrations, modules, implementation, and host type. With Odoo, you can stay up-to-date with your requirements when you need them.

Scalable for Every Business

The Odoo ERP automates the routine tedious tasks of your business and allows you to utilize that time for more productivity. Odoo’s user-friendly software meets the company requirements to a great extent, while its scalability is highly suitable for small as well as large business entities. With an evolving business environment, it allows you to add and upgrade modules as the company grows.


The most comprehensive business management system you can opt for is Odoo. Its advanced structure eases your tasks of managing data between various unconnected Softwares from one point.

What we offer


Odoo connects to your bank account to synchronize your transactions every hour, promoting faster reconciliation. You can instantly create invoices and send them with a simple click.

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Inventory & MRP

You can now streamline your inventory and manufacturing processes effectively. It helps you get the most efficient stocking method and improves your internal and external operations. This platform brings your production operations to the next level of efficiency with complete traceability, transparency, work order management, production planning, etc.

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Sales & Management

You can now enhance your sales processes like never before.It allows you to control your complete sales department on a single screen. From Scheduling to Invoicing, all your rental processes are gathered in one place with Odoo’s Sales Management module. You can easily create and send online quotations from proposals to electronic signatures in just a few clicks. It also gives you a flexible POS based on an intelligent interface. Any company can use it efficiently, as it is compatible with any hardware. It also simplifies your recurring billing and subscriber management process.

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Human Resources

Odoo is your best choice to automate & evolve your HRM processes. It enables the HR department to streamline various processes like recruitment and onboarding, workforce data management, time and attendance tracking, leave application management, performance monitoring, and evaluation, etc. With this tool, a company’s HRM processes run at full potential, thereby boosting employee satisfaction.

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Odoo’s fully integrated software helps you 24/7, whether you are an SME, a freelancer, or an established company managing employees in hybrid work culture. Planning and managing multiple projects, analyzing timesheets, providing customer support, and field service from any location and device gets easy.
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Odoo eLearning is the best Learning Management System that gives you access to community learning, educators, coaches, etc. It allows you to explore better learning opportunities, share knowledge, and get inspiration. You also get access to over 1,000,000 royalty-free and high-resolution images and graphics to ace your content.

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The Odoo app development enables manufacturers to streamline their operations and receive better returns. It enables you to smoothly automate processes of material sourcing, inventory management, purchase, order, invoicing, accounts, etc. Odoo’s ERP facilitates real-time management of the manufacturing processes in a centralized manner. It becomes a perfect business management tool for your manufacturing business with cost-effectiveness and tailored features.


The Odoo platform provides distribution businesses with advanced tools and operational methodologies. It assists you with precise product management, adequate inventory management, logistic management, reporting and prediction tools, etc. It is highly beneficial due to its central inventory management and database operations system. It helps with information management for your company’s internal and external operations. The Odoo ERP platform can be fully customized to match specific business requirements.


Odoo is a perfect choice for every retailer looking to boost their revenue. With its ready-to-use solutions, a retailer can witness benefits like end-to-end process management, payment module integration, sales, purchase and finance management, inventory management, manufacturing and production, one-stop checkout, crafting stunning product pages, etc.


Odoo’s ERP system enables pharma companies to effectively automate their processes at every level and reduce repetitive human tasks. Implementing this system maintains an efficient workflow in BOM (Bills Of Materials), quality control, improved traceability, etc. Opting for Odoo ERP can help you unlock a host of opportunities, reduce complexities, and witness exponential growth.

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