Marketplace Integrations

e.Soft’s Marketplace Integration solution automates all processes from product listing to order management and return /refund management, so you can easily control all the marketplaces from a single interface. This leaves you with more time for your core business operations.

Supported Marketplaces

Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Sears, Pricefalls, Houzz, Newegg, Rakuten, Overstock, Bonanza

Features of our Marketplace Integration services –

Listing Configuration – We let you define configurations, allowing you to know which products are auto-listed on different marketplaces. Define any combination made up of allowed brands, price ranges, shipping time and other parameters.

Category Mapping – We map your categories to the different categories of each marketplace, so we can automate your entire listing process. And you can change these mappings anytime in future.

Listing Management

While we auto-list all allowed items to your marketplaces, you can control the auto-listing process, delete listings, change inventory and even change list price from within the software.

Inventory Synchronization and Return/Refund Management – We ensure all processes of returns and issue refunds, both partial and full, are executed from within the solution. Also, your product inventory is updated on all of your marketplaces, so you never have to cancel an order due to product shortage.

Order Management – We help you aggregate all orders from all your marketplaces to a single interface so you can easily view and manage all orders, cancel, fill them or add shipping details from within the software, and it gets transmitted to the relevant marketplace.