Who we are and What we do?

e.Soft technologies is a mid-sized IT firm, brimming with potential. We are headquartered in Mumbai (India) with offices in Lucknow (India), California (US) and Virginia (US). With over 17 years of experience, we provide 360 degree Retail solutions, Application development services, Startup solutions, Business consulting and Custom ERP solutions to our clients.

Through the years “delivering business value” has been at the core of our solutions and it should come as no surprise that 80% of our customers provide us with repeat business. We cater to firms ranging from early stage start-ups to enterprise level. Our clients include Life and Home, Workflex Solutions, CloudRaxak, Gaea and Evergreen. By working with e.Soft, you don’t just get an IT provider but a Solutions partner that is as interested in your business’s growth as you are!

What makes us unique

What makes us unique

1. Innovative, People driven – We encourage employees to be vocal about their ideas and suggestions. Such open discussions and diverse opinions allow our clients to reap the full benefit of our experienced staff and get a solution that is ready to deliver value for their business.

2. Focused on delivering value – As a firm our core focus is on creating solutions ready for adding value to our client’s businesses.In return our clients have rewarded us with a ton of repeat business.This has kept us motivated to maintain long term relations with our clients and not focus on increasing billables in the short term.

3. Experienced – Over the last 17 years we have amassed a ton of experience in defining IT strategy, developing value driven solutions and understanding customer expectations. We have also been focused on retaining our employee IP and are proud that the average age of our employees is 7 years. This has resulted in a passionate and experienced team focused on creating value for our clients.

Our Services

Our Services

360 degree Retail solutions

  • Retail Consulting- Trends-driven retail consulting that gives your business the competitive edge.
  • Omni-channel Strategy- Solutions to ensure a consistent brand image & improve revenues.
  • Web design & development- Conversion driven websites built to attract relevant target market.
  • eCommerce solutions- Solutions to create unique shopping experience for your customers.
  • Catalog management- Unique & accurate catalogs to convert your inventory into sales.
  • Marketplace integration- Integration with Amazon, Jet, eBay and other marketplaces for increased visibility.
  • Customer service solutions- Affordable solutions that ensure a happy customer and repeat sale for your business.

Application Development services

Application Development services

Utilizing the power of IT to drive value of your business! Our services include

  • Custom Application Development for best fit business applications.
  • Application Maintenance Services that ensure your IT is always ready for your Business.
  • Legacy Application Modernization with an aim to extend & unlock the value of your Legacy applications.
  • System Integration Services- Integrated systems & consolidated real-time data access for strategic business decisions
  • Quality Assurance Services- Solutions for Quality compliant Business applications delivered on your schedule.

Startup Solution

Startup Solution

Proven solutions to convert your idea into a successful start-up.

Business Consulting

Dynamic IT solutions to enhance profitability for your business.

Custom ERP Solutions

Streamline processes, Optimize Operations and Take control of your business with e.Soft’s custom ERP solutions

Our Products

ePrizer is an innovative Amazon repricing tool that is focussed on improving seller’s profitability per sale and not just helping the seller win the buybox.
Winning you the buybox is granted. Increasing profitability per sale is how ePrizer delivers value of your business!

How we have delivered business value for our clients

How we have delivered business value for our clients

A few examples of how we have delivered value for businesses.

  • Through e.Soft’s warehouse automation & Inventory management solutions client’s on average have
    improved efficiency by 78% and reduced costs by 36%.
  • e.Soft’s “conversion-driven” web development philosophy has ensured 64% increase in traffic for our clients and 11% increase in sales.
  • Through custom ERP development and implementation, e.Soft has ensured on average 5% efficiency
    improvement and 7% cost reduction for our clients.

What our clients say about us

“e.Soft has been a great web partner for us. They have proactively implemented new features, such as a Store Locator and a Blog to our site and have reacted immediately to any issue that transpired, ensuring that all new programs transitioned seamlessly. Not only are they updating the web versions of our programs, but our mobile versions, making sure our content looks great from every possible platform.

We also worked together to set up a newsletter program to send monthly content to our subscribers. e.Soft quickly and proactively set up a new platform when we had issues sharing content on the first one. e.Soft has been polite and courteous while offering suggestions for quickly updating any and all necessary content that we’ve needed. I would highly suggest them to anyone looking for a new web design team.”

– Keli Robeson, Marketing Director, GAEA North America

“Choosing e.Soft as our 360-degree eCommerce partner a decade ago has been a vital component to Life and Home has ever made and I couldn’t be happier with the results. e.Soft has provided not only Consulting and Technology Solutions but also have provided value added services such as: Customer Service, Marketplace Management Services, Brand and Category Management Services with innovative solutions and in depth analysis. e.Soft has maintained continued growth of Life and Home. I would highly recommend eSoft, not only because of their knowledge and skills, but because they have been a true partner.”

– Life and Home