5 Exciting Features Android 11 Has In Store for Us

As we saw, Android 10 was a huge shift in dynamics of the Operating System environment for Google. We finally saw the hugely anticipated Dark mode and several other significant changes on the app permission front. Most importantly, Android 10 brought an end to Google’s tradition of naming operating systems behind desserts.

Every new update is anticipated not only by mobile app development companies, but also the app-owners who wait their hands in their pockets to see how these new updates will benefit their projects.
Android 11 promises to further push the boundaries of mobile app development.

Without further ado, let us take a peek at what exciting features Android 11 has in store for us:

1. Multiple Improvements for Messaging

With this update, Android has shown clear intent in enhancing the user experience. A lot has been done in terms of modifications to improve the users’ messaging experience on Android. Here are the upgrades that are introduced:

Android 11 introduces chat bubbles that hide all the on-going conversations in the form of little bubbles that sit on the side of the screen. You can move them around anywhere on the screen and simply tap to open the conversation thread.

In order to enhance the real time messaging experience, Android 11 offers a dedicated conversation section in the notification bar for instant access.

2. One-Time Permission

Android 10 provided fairly convenient controls over how the app permissions are to be handled. Android 11 is continuing this tradition.

With the latest update, the app asks for much more granular permissions for location, microphones, and camera access.

If the user selects only this time, then the permission is granted on a temporary one time use basis.

The application will behave as per the permissions granted only while the app is in use. Once you quit the app, the granted permissions will be revoked.

This feature will bring about a great deal of flexibility in mobile application development.

3. Built-in Screen Recorder

This feature has been anticipated by the users since past few releases. Google finally decides to incorporate this in their Android 11 update. The feature is fairly simple to use. To enable this feature follow the steps below:

  1. Swipe down on the homescreen from the top to open the notification panel. (Swipe once again and expand the quick settings tile completely).
  2. Tap on Screen record
  3. You’ll find a pop-up option that records audio and also highlights touches while capturing your activity on the screen.
  4. Select the options you would like and click on Start

4. Compatibility with Different Screen Types

2020 has witnessed a lot of changes in the foldable smartphone market. These phones operate on different screen sizes and resolutions.

Android 11 is compatible on all these devices. This is considered to be a very significant move by Google, and it will certainly benefit android app development at many levels.

5. Preparations for 5G
To facilitate the smooth processing of 5G data, Android 11 has incorporated a significant “Dynamic Meterdness API”. This will allow smartphones to utilize the full benefits of 5G.s

Once the API detects your 5G connection syou can access the highest possible speeds, video quality, and all the other benefits that come along with 5G technology.

Android promises to enhance the android app development process and make way for a much richer OS experience and with the help of app development specialists, you can utilize all these features for your business.

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