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Life and Home


Life and Home is an eCommerce giant. Their enormous Catalog flaunts 300000 merchandize of essential hardware and home appliances. Offering quality products at a considerably affordable rate, they have a loyal customer base..


Digital Marketing


eCommerce Store


Microsoft Dynamics GP, ASP .Net, MS SQL


1.SEO Complexities : The page titles, Meta Data and URLs of the website were not as per the SEO standards which made it extremely difficult for the website to crawl up the search engines.

2.PPC Related Issues : The sales structure suffered terribly due to poor clicks and conversion rates and high CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

3. Ineffective Customer Engagement : Ineffective event and promotional planning affected the overall brand image leading to poor customer engagement


1. Complete SEO Compliant Content : We added alt text to all the images and SEO compliant content to the Magento Page Title, Meta data and URL. Additionally, we added highly relevant HI and H2 tags to boost SEO rankings. Alongside, we maintained a blog as well to improve visibility, brand engagement and brand recall.

2.Enhancing PPC(Pay Per Click) and PLA (Product Listing Advertisements) : By adding relevant products to PLA campaigns and filtering out non-performing SKUs we improved the efficiency of their PPC and PLA campaigns. By making the campaigns thoroughly SEO compliant we boosted their visibility.

3.Brand Management Activity : By creating a yearlong advertising calendar we ensure seamless brand engagement that gives a boost to brand awareness and reach. The average ticket size increased by 42 Percent which showed that the overall brand image was only improving.

Final outcome

By deploying all our strategies we ensured that their online presence and ultimately their sales were enhanced. This is evident in their marketplace statistics. We implemented price correction algorithm on the 60k items on eBay and 151k products on Amazon. Because of this, their average order at eBay went up to 250 per day. Their sales at amazon shot up to 19.85%. This led to the rise of revenue generated due to repeat business as well. Thereby, producing profit of staggering 3.89$ on every sale. Finally, they received a turquoise star on eBay. With 23.87% increase in repeat business they recently got listed as one of the best stores on Amazon.

What features we added

Right from page titles and metadata to headers on the page, we made the entire web content SEO compliant that increased SEO rankings. Further, we devised PLA campaigns and thoroughly monitored the SKUs to ensure higher ROI.

Deployment of category pricing mechanism that controlled the costing on the basis of product availability, consumer behaviour and seasonality, added a further layer of customer engagement.

Finally, these features worked cohesion, along with our yearlong advertising calendars, their online sales increased by 32 percent.

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