How is Virtual Reality Transforming the Online Shopping Experience?

How Virtual Reality Is Transforming the Online Shopping Experience

The eCommerce industry is a constant state of flux. Those who are competing at the forefront of the market should be on their toes all the time. According to recent surveys, nearly 78% of people abandon their carts before finishing the purchase.

These studies show us that eCommerce online stores are just not doing enough to convince their customers to make the purchase. Virtual reality can fill this gap between the consumers and the products they shop for while online shopping.

Let’s explore how VR can shape the overall online shopping experience and give a significant boost to your online sales and conversion rates.

1. Creating A Virtual Showroom Experience

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology which promises to take online shopping experience to the next level. By fabricating the showrooms in AR, these platforms can deliver a full-fledged physical showroom experience into customer’s homes.

Industry leaders have invested time and resources in developing virtual reality devices that can help fabricate physical shopping experience in the homes of consumers.

This will help the consumers get a full experience of the product that they are about to purchase. In the near future when virtual reality is implemented globally, the online shopping experience will be radically altered and give a significant boost to online sales.

2. Virtual Visualization of Products

This is the biggest advantage of VR technology. Consumers who are sceptical of making an online purchase because they are unsure of the dimensions of the product will now be able to inspect these products virtually before making the purchase.

The idea of virtual product visualization is considered one of the most significant advancements in the eCommerce industry and it will bring about a tremendous change in eCommerce catalog management services as well.

Swedish multinational IKEA has recently launched an Augmented Reality based app called AR Catalog. This app allows the viewers to see how a certain piece of furniture will look in their homes and inspect the overall dimensions of the product to get a clear understanding of how it will look before making their purchase.

With these trends being adopted by the majority of big name brands, AR and VR are going to revolutionize the online shopping experience.

3. Enforcing Trust in Online Shopping

The increase of trust in eCommerce could be considered the final nail in the coffin of traditional retail shopping.

By personalizing the online shopping experience, eCommerce companies have become as trustworthy as traditional brick and mortar stores. The consumers who prefer going to the shop and trying the product before purchasing will get a new reason to visit online stores.

As online retailers begin to gain the trust of their consumers, a shift in consumer behavior has already begun, and emerging eCommerce stores are in a unique position to take advantage of technological changes from their inception.


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