When you appoint a Ship Manager, you look for experience in Crewing,
Maintenance, Safety, Loss Prevention, Budget Management. Someone with good
communication skills to avoid silos of data in various departments and be able to share information seamlessly across all departments. One who likes to keep a good record and use all that data to analyze for continuous improvement. Someone with a friendly demeanor, you find easy to work with and ask for solutions. And above all, one who is transparent and trusted by all the stakeholders including crew, customers, regulators, and ship owners.

You look for an efficient manager who will energize your organization and grow with it keeping pace with your business needs, the latest industry requirements, and customers’ expectations.

Look no further. With eManager you have
hired the right candidate.

Key advantages of the eManager.

  • The application is made by the user for the user. It brings together a combined ship management experience of a hundred years but is young at heart when it comes to continuous learning.
  • The eManager is like a balanced recipe. It can be prepared to serve 4 or 400.
  • Fully Web based, single database application which can be  cloud-based or installed as per Customer's requirements.
  • WFA - Work From Anywhere, 24/7 access.
  • Its modular structure allows ship managers to prioritize implementation of modules and not be burdened with implementation of the complete ship management module.
  • For a ship management start up or a company upgrading to an integrated application for any type of vessels, it provides all the major functions such as Crewing, Planned Maintenance System, Dry Docking, Purchasing, Vendor/Invoice Management, Budget management, LPSQE, Inspections, Vessel Reports, Close- out Tracker, Voyage Performance, Seafarer & Customer Portal.
  • For established managers with lots of accumulated data and stand-alone applications from various vendors that need to be consolidated, it is an ideal solution to start their own software development and management. With eManager the basic processes in each department are already in place and can easily be adapted to the Company’s own requirements. Whilst the front end newly built bespoke software is in use, the old data can be matched and incorporated in the new system. This saves time and the usual problem of the App not being implemented for several months and even years, is avoided.
  • Its basic structure respects the requirement of individual companies, and the end product is made-to-order, giving you a bespoke solution, which will grow with your organization.
  • eManager is backed by our expert team of accomplished engineers, project managers, integration specialists and industry analysts for development and experienced users providing 24/7 support to the vessels and office staff.

Vessel IT Services

Digitalisation must remain fit for purpose. It must enhance work efficiency, assist in regulatory compliance and facilitate the process of decarbonisation.

The race towards digitalisation, however, has resulted in some hasty investments on the shipboard hardware and software, with little oversight on the end goals.

We provide a hybrid support service comprising of remote assistance to the vessels with physical vessel visits. Bespoke solutions based on individual Owner’s requirements are made out and diligently executed at a fixed cost.

Remote Support

  • Troubleshooting of PC, Printers, Network and connectivity issues. Our goal is to solve problem remotely to avoid costly physical attendance.
  • Installation of IT Hardware such as printers, PC, Laptop, Wi-Fi router.
  • Installation of new softwares, drivers.
  • Server Maintenance and optimization.
  • IT hardware asset management.
  • Terminal Service deployment, Thin Client Setup.
  • Backup & Migration of data.
  • Preventive maintenance of IT Systems, particularly proper functioning of antivirus and backup which we can take care for you.

Vessel Attendance

  • We can attend vessel on request of ship manager to complete the IT tasks onboard.
  • We can help ship manager during vessel takeover to setup IT systems, email, network

Project Based IT Tasks

  • We also take project based IT tasks such as Fleetwide rollout of new Softwares, Antivirus,
    replacement of IT hardware etc.
  • Implementation of SATCOM systems such as VSAT, FBB, Certus-We can work with satcom vendors and ensures that systems are properly implemented and documented.

Write to us for more information at marine@esoftech.com