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Real-Time Features in Mobile App Development That Are Shaping The Future Of Numerous Businesses | e.Soft
Real-Time Features in Mobile App Development That Are Shaping The Future Of Numerous Businesses | e.Soft
By admin October 23, 2023

Real-Time Features in Mobile App Development That Are Shaping The Future Of Numerous Businesses

With the advancement of new technologies, more and more businesses are investing in the industry’s top mobile app development services. However, the recent trend is increased investment in real-time features in mobile app development. The real question is why are businesses focusing on implementing real-time features and how is it the future?
Well, previously, most companies required solutions that could help them with their day-to- day activities. But, as more and more businesses are taking to the internet, companies are looking for ways to set themselves apart. Moreover, customers today have all the more options, which is why businesses cannot afford to waste time. So, how do they do that?
Well, this can be done by introducing real-time features in mobile app development.

Let us take the example of a logistics company that previously needed a solution to manage
its databases and planning activities. But, with the increased volume of packages, they are also witnessing an increase in customer queries and doubts about the status of their package transit. This is where real-time features can help; with real-time features, the company can automate its data updation process and include push notifications that update
the customer about the status of their parcel as soon as it is received at any of the
company’s warehouses.

So, are real-time features in mobile app development looking interesting? If you answered
yes, you must be curious to know more about the implementation of real-time features in mobile app development, the challenges, and the future potential. To help you get an answer to these questions, we have curated this detailed article on real-time features in mobile app development.

Key Challenges Of Real-Time Features In Mobile App Development

As more and more companies are launching apps, it is important you develop an intuitive app that sets you apart. Remember that the complete app development process is not a cakewalk and you need to put in a lot of research. You must also prepare to face numerous app development challenges and must be ready to handle them. If you do not have much experience in coding and development, we recommend you hire mobile app developers with years of experience for help.

To help you better prepare for your real-time app development journey, we have listed some
challenges below:-

1. Different Components Of Chat Services

Developers must ensure that the chat service component is available across different locations in the app. Moreover, the app must be capable of handling several user messages and syncing all chat components.

2. Assignment Of Chat Services As Per Regional Volumes

To develop a scalable system, you must be able to determine the load on the app. Ensure your developers do not include a single service component since it creates a single point of failure. We recommend creating a balancer that can help maintain an equilibrium at each location.

3. Improved Security Control

For mobile applications, security is a major concern, especially when they are dealing with real-time data. Ensure that your development team includes multiple security protocols and that the app is capable of restricting unauthorized access.

Popular Real-Time Features In Mobile Apps That You Can Include

We have reached the stage in app development where real-time features are not an option, but a necessity. In the following section, we have listed some popular real-time features in mobile apps that you can implement in your mobile application:-

1. Real-Time Messaging

Today’s users request real-time data which is why developers must prioritize real-time features. Real-time messaging is an essential feature for messaging apps.

2. Live Streams

Real-time live streaming is used in social media apps and allows users to share updates with other users in real time.

3. Push Notifications

Used in almost every app, push notifications are a great way to draw the user’s attention to important updates. These also adopt a personalized approach which helps better engage users.

4. Current Order Status

The current order status is a real-time feature used in the logistics, warehouse, and shipping industry to allow users to track the current location of their parcels.

5. Management And Integration Of IoT Devices

With IoT mobile apps and sensors, developers can implement data analysis and reporting. It is also utilized to store data in the cloud and share it efficiently.

Final Words

Modern and interactive apps are the only way to better engage with users and build a relationship. With real-time features in mobile apps, it is easier for businesses to fulfill customer demands and retain users. They also help better understand user needs and allow businesses to find pain points that must be addressed.

Interested in implementing real-time features in mobile apps for your business? Get in touch
with a professional company offering mobile app development services to get the support needed.

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