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Content marketing for EAT | e.Soft
Content marketing for EAT | e.Soft
By admin November 8, 2023

Content marketing for EAT

What does content marketing mean ? What is EAT ? How can these two factors be used with the new algorithm updates ? Let's take a dive into this and conclude on how this will be useful.

What is Content marketing?

In simple words, it's a marketing strategy used to attract, engage and retain audience. This can be achieved by creating and sharing content through reels, posts, articles and videos. Therefore Content plays crucial part in digital marketing.

What is EAT?

The three key factors a search engine uses to determine a page's quality. But why is it E-A-T ? E stands for expertise, A stands for authoritativeness and T stands for trustworthiness. Following these key factors you can improve your page quality on a frequent basis.

Understanding EAT in Content marketing & Why it's important: Expertise:

  • Providing your audience with a "never known until now" kind of content and information. This way it helps audiences to be engaged and share your work leading to a better range of audiences.
  • Research, Research and Research. This benefits in making your content valuable and accurate information makes it
  • Getting the best writers on a topic they know well. This provides good reading experience.


  • Building high quality backlinks on high domain authority website. This can be achieved by guest post
  • Showcasing the feedback. It might be sharing reviews, suggestions and comments.
  • Being consistent on your content and always notifying your presence on the platforms.


  • Designing your website for your user comfort. This way it brings back your users to your website favoring than other websites.
  • Having transparency in any field leads to a stronger trustworthiness. Likewise, being transparent on your sponsorship or any conflicts to your audience building trust.
  • Optimizing your page speed and making it a seamless experience of the user.

How to enhance EAT in Content:

  • Promoting content that can always grab the spotlight to present in your audience's eye.
  • Always ensuring quality of your content, not only google users also value quality content.
  • Adapting to Algorithms, we all know change is the only constant adjusting your content EAT accordingly to search engine algorithms
  • Interact your audience. Reply to their messages, address their concerns and reply to their comments

By following these tips and understanding EAT, your content marketing can be enhanced in these different ways. This could also keep your website in trend, engaged and most importantly longevity.

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